Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Shopping 4 This Summer

That’s right, I have a talent for shopping not an addiction. It’s a skill, and must be practiced.

Last week , when I woke up and checked the weather, it was damn hot outside. I then started digging my closet for may summer clothes. Quickly I realized that I had nothing trendy for summer so I prepared a shopping list.

I haven’t been shopping in several months because I had classes to attend. There aren’t many things I want, just some clothes to make my overly worn wardrobe exciting again.
I recently started loving the color pink. I have been a supporter of black as an essential color for a long time and I am slowly changing y mind. Well other neutrals are taking its place. I adore this pink boat neck tee from DKNY. Worn with blue skinny jeans. 

White is necessary in my summer wardrobe, I would like a dress or a top. I have been talking about having whites in my closet. :D

Last but not least shoes. I need a pair of flats, I am thinking in a white like these, but I also am definitely going to buy Puma Princess sneakers..
A casually and classically cool linen makes it easy to look effortlessly put together, but I haven’t foud any of that I have liked yet
So, what are the trends that you guys are loving for this summer?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Childhood Ambitions... Huh but couldn't decide :)

My communication skills class calls me to do this three-grouped presentation on any topic... Ooooo lets say 'ANY' part in my assumption! Most of my frnds and others spoke to me about the reviewed books and some kwel songs which I have neva read or heard of or some which are boring types which I must have read or heard cause all my were upto date regarding these matter and that forced me to do so... You see, I am a perfect chick lit girl!! So, while I was thinking the other day about what we could do, I thought of careers! That's coming from ME seems perfect! It's either ME or people around me who keep coming up with such funny things ( What they do is not funny, but How they do IS finny).

Well a strange girl, when she was a kid, so was I, she was soo much facinated with the lady who was a maid at my place, that she confined in me that she wished to become like that lady when she grows up. I still remember. Though nothing of that sort ever happened, sadly..

Then it was myself who made My Mom gasp when I said I wanted to be up on the moon, flying in some space shuttle, with NASA, wearing an orange suite and earning big bucks!! Trust me I didn't know wht NASA stood for, all i knew was about this woman Kalpana Chawla, who got famous while she was out there, and everyone wanted to be like her...

Then it was the time when i had to write stuff over and over again in every exam for English about "My Ambition In Life". I some how found Doctor was lot more easier to write about. Plus the very fact that you are writing about something you love to write is funny and interesting and so, I wrote the same stuff for every paper...

It was the time when I had to join my intermediate. Then I actually wanted to become a doctor, huh unfortunately landed up doing mathematics which i hated the most.... Chemistry and Physics are big NOOOO... So, now it's a big fight between whats Hot and whats Not!
Coming back to other people, My friend Rochelle wants to become a mermaid just coz she finds the outfit facinating and she thinks the 'shell' in her name is giving hints..

Another wants to become an actress, though I have no heart to tell that she has a look of a C grade flick heroine..

Another wants to get married to her boy friend and live in her outhouse in Newzeland.. That is her aim. Respect.

Everything is so stupid. Everything is not sooo funny. And yet, 10 to 20 years down line, we all will be doing something thst is no off-beat, laughing at people who actually had the balls to do what they wanted to...

I have no idea whats on my mind....
Live your life to the fullest, love a person to the core and keep smiling always :) ......